Jan Phillips
Christine Forester

• Christine Forester •

Let’s Face It… The Decision is Mine !

"Funny" ... "Philosophical" ... "The perfect gift if you want to send someone a reason to smile."

Digby Diehl
Book Editor & Literary Critic
Good Morning, America

"I am going to use Let’s Face It ! as a little shaper-upper for someone who needs a little loving spank…"

Marion Ross
(Mrs. Cunningham, Happy Days, TV Series)

"Let’s Face It ! deserves a place on anyone’s coffee table, whether at the office or in the home!"

Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz
Author, The Confident Woman

"Left brained message written by a right brained pen."

Natasha Josefowitz

"The more you read
Marie-Christine Forester,
the more you’ll want to read
more and much more-ester."

Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss)
Author, Pulitzer Prizewinner

"Along with Peale and Pogg, add Forester at the of the list of entertaining positive thinkers."

Pete Wilson
former U.S. Senator, former California Governor

"Let’s Face It ! Christine Forester’s book is wonderfull."

Spencer Johnson, MD
Author, Who Moved My Cheese

Co-author, The One Minute Manager

... "you’ll love Let’s Face It !"

Neil Morgan
Associate Editor, Senior Columnist San Diego Union-Tribune

A farcical little book. Forty-seven witty, yet thought-provoking, illustrated alternatives as to what anyone and everyone can do with their lives.


Let’s Face It !
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